Classes are small allowing more one to one attention (average class size 5 students) and cover a wide range of FrenchOur General French programmes are available all year round.  You can start a course at CIPEL on any Monday, and study for as many weeks as you wish.

Choose from 4 to 20 hours per week of classes designed to improve all your French skills, especially your confidence in speaking French.


Day classes General French courses at CIPEL run non-stop throughout the year except for 2  weeks at the end of December. All students receive a report and certificate on departure. Students can take  4, 8, 16 or 20 group lessons of General French per week in small multinational classes to practice all aspects of the language and gain confidence in speaking and listening.

Evening classes
If you are already living in Marseille or want additional lessons.
You can study general French in small groups two evenings a week.Minimum duration : four weeks.

Combined classes

In addition to the standard courses, you will have 5, 10 or 15 hours per week of individual tuition with one of our friendly and experienced teachers, following a syllabus designed to help you with your specific learning goals.

AU PAIR in Marseilles

If you are an AU PAIR girl or boy in Marseille, you can join our general standard courses at a special rate. Teaching material included.

This course helps you if you wish to study at a French speaking university or if you require a very high standard of written French for your studies or career.
The course combines general French with writing and academic French practice and intensive examination preparation for every aspect of the DELF at B2 level or DALF exams.



DELF and DALF exams are two independent diplomas delivered by the French ministry of Education. They are internationally recognised. DALF or DELF at B2 level are necessary if you intend to stydy at a French university. During the course, you will work on language development and exam strategy for all 4 parts of the examination. You will be tested regularly to give you the opportunity to check your knowledge.

CIPEL offers :

– Combined courses

– Collective evening courses

– Specific exam preparation courses

– As part of the university preparation course.


These courses are designed for high school students who want to increase their confidence and prepare for the exam. 25 lessons per week : essay writing, translation, listening comprehension, conversation
Use of Authentic up-to-date materials from French newspapers, magazines, radio and TV.
The lessons are conducted mainly in French. All teachers are native French speakers, some of them are bilingual.

Intensive (part time) and super intensive (full time) Executive french Courses programmes are designed for business and professional people and other highly motivated learners .who wish to learn French in a friendly, hardworking environment.
The tuition is highly intensive and offers the fasters means of learning or improving your command of the language in the shortest possible time.
We offer Intensive (20, 25 or 30 hours per week) and Super-Intensive (10 hours per day) programmes on an individual or two to one basis. (two people of the same level enrolling together).
A highly effective course for mature professional and business people who wish to make quick and successful progress in French.
No two Super-Intensive French programmes are the same. Each course is individually tailored to the student’s needs and interests. After carefully assessing his/her needs and level of French, the student and his/her teacher will choose the activities that best suit them. Lectures take place in the morning AND the afternoon. The lunch hour is an integral part of the course. Over lunch, the student and the teacher can analyse the progress , re-evaluate programme goals, discuss cultural topics and engage in general conversation.
CIPEL language course can arrange one or two visits per week to places of particular interest to the student eg banks, businesses, factories, hospitel, law courts, research centres, etc… The trip will be prepared by the teacher who will accompany the student.
Super Intensive : 10 hours per day (including lunch with a teacher) 6 days : 60 contact hours, 7 days ( monday to saturday for example ) : 70 contact hours.
Super-Intensive programmes are held on national holidays.Consecutive programmes can be booked.


Suitable for business people with an urgent language learning need such as preparing for a presentation, a conference, negotiations or meetings abroad but who can only take one week away from work. This programme takes place over two weekends and the week in between. In addition, lunch is taken with a teacher. Participants should arrive on a Friday and be ready for classes to start on the following morning (Saturday), The programme can be adapted if necessary.

We can develop the structure and content of a course in general or specialised French according to the particular needs and wishes of a group in France or in any country.
Please contact us for details


Two weeks minimum
Study, have fun and meet people from all over the world !
Mix French classes with cultural and sporting activities during your holidays.
20 lessons per week and organised social programmes and a weekly full-day excursion to a place of interest during the weekend.
The lessons are often linked to the visits and excursions available for students.
Students on summer courses are placed in classes according to their level, they may join existing classes. Our experienced teachers make sure this integration is smooth to provide a friendly, positive classroom atmosphere for all students.Students have the opportunity to prepare for French language examinations such as DELF or DALF.

French course and keep fit : 20 lessons general French and 3 keep fit sessions per week (sport in the morning and French classes in late afternoon in Summer).

French courses and diving : 20 lessons general French and 5 3 hour diving sessions per week (equipment included).

not recommended to real beginnersSpecial programme for mature learners of 50 and over.
Duration : two weeks
20 language lessons(15 hours) per week in small groups
4 cultural visits,
2 sessions of hands-on cooking classes in small groups (maximum 8 students per class) with a French chef. Every student receives a recipe packet and all classes end with a sit-down dinner and a glass of wine.
2 wine tasting or wine and cheese parties (different wines and different cheeses over the two weeks)

A typical traditional lunch in a prestigious Proven├žal restaurant.

A cruise among the islands of Marseille with dinner on board.*

Free transfer from and to Marseille-Provence airport

Free afternoons are also scheduled to give you time for shopping and sightseeing on your own.

Improve your comprehension and communication skills in the friendly atmosphere of small multinational classes in the morning and enjoy an extensive programme of visits, activities and excursions in the afternoon (sometimes in the morning) or in the evening : walking tours in some of Marseilles 111 villages, visits to museums and places of historical and cultural interest, cooking lessons, wine testing workshops,

This course will also familiarize you with the codes and behaviours that are specific to French society.
(ie : greetings, use of TU or VOUS, etc…)
The lessons are often linked to the visits and excursions available for students.Learn with highly qualified enthusiastic teaching staff and have fun with like minded people from different parts of the world !


*In case of bad weather, the cruise is replaced with a typical Marseille meal in a gastronomic restaurant.

Partner programme

Your partner or a friend may come with you to Marseilles and participate in the excursions, leisure and cultural activities without taking the lessons.




Duration : one week.

20 language lessons (15 hours)

3 sessions (6 hours) of hands-on cooking classes with a French chef in small groups (maximum 8 students per class) designed for anyone who enjoys cooking, wants to learn new techniques and gain confidence in the kitchen,

Every student receives a recipe packet and all classes end with a sit-down dinner and a glass of wine.

A wine tasting workshop or a wine and cheese party.

A typical traditional lunch in a prestigious Proven├žal restaurant.