The Centre International Pour la Promotion des Etudes Linguistiques (CIPEL) is a private language school. It is situated in a modern building in the city centre of Marseilles, European capital of culture 2013, two minutes walk from the old Port (le Vieux Port) and ten minutes bus ride to the beaches. It is surrounded by cinemas, restaurants, museums and shops ans a shopping centre and, last but not the least, the regional public library. The school is also close to public transport : day (and night) busses right in front of the door, tramway and metro Vieux Port station (line 1) and Noailles station (line2).

Marseille, the oldest city in France celebrated its 2600th birthday in 1999. Rich in natural beauty

and strong cultural and historical traditions, it has something to offer everybody.

Beautiful, accessible, France’s second largest city is also known for its wonderful climate and its extraordinary luminosity which attracted many famous painters.

Living with a French family or in a hotel nearby you will learn to deal with the everyday life of the French and enjoy the French « Art de vivre » in the sunniest city in France.

Our approach is essentially learner-centred and communicative.

Our teachers often consult their classes and then tailor courses to match the needs of students, using a variety of interesting material such as course books, videos, cassettes, authentic handouts, radio programmes, television documentaries, films, newspapers, magazines, role-plays, cards games and discussion activities in order to provide students with a rich language experience. The lessons are stimulating, up-to-date and relevant to the students.


Throughout the course students develop and practice all language skills : reading, writing, listening and speaking and are expected to talk, give opinion and participate fully in class. Students are assessed on a regular basis.

All our teachers are native French speakers and specially trained to teach French to adults.

During your course you normally have a number of teachers to give variety and keep your interest and motivation at the highest level. Our curriculum is based on the Council of Europe’s Framework of Reference for language learning

…..A1 (Elementary level) to C2 (Proficiency).

And of course, the only language used all day is…French !